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Standard Accessories
. Tweezers Electrode
. Foot Switch 



Depilation Unit 

A professional portable unit micro processor control with full-function digital display, digital timer and soft-touch controls, for permanent removal of unwanted hair. Helps in removal of unwanted hair permanently - without pain. Electronic Depilation is easier and more effective. It guarantees definitive hair removal via thermo-coagulation. Its easy handling and effective results make it the basic unit for electric depilation. Results vari person to person.

Mode of Action And Treatments

Treatment is based on the application of a high-frequency current through a needle or a tweezer, thereby causing thermal destruction (Thermo-coagulation) of the hair root. To cater for all requirements, the versatile DEPIL – I enables you to regulate the output power and discharge time, emitting an acoustic signal whenever the preset time period has ended. The tweezer depilation unit is essentially the same as the needle type but because there is more opportunity for the current to be lost, it has to be much more powerful.

Technical Specification

Product Name: DEPILATION
Voltage: A/C 220-Volt 50Hz.
Absorbed Power: 60 VA
Max. RF Output Power: 3-Watt
Frequency: 13.5 Mhz. 
Complies With: IEC601-1Classification
Safety Class: I
Operating Temp.: 10° - 50°
Storage Temp.: -10° - 70°
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ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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