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A portable skin-care unit micro processor control with full-function digital display, digital timer Helps in  firmer, more youthful complexion with better skin tone. Facial firming, anti-wrinkle treatment, automatic lifting, bust firming, buttock firming, anti-stress and anti-fatigue treatment.

Helps in following treatments

  • Removing dark circles under the eyes.  
  • Lifting of the face and body. 
  • Removing the wrinkles, scars and pimples.
  • Development and firming of breasts.
  • Toning the skin.
  • Acne
  • Also suitable for other body treatments like.  
  • Arthritis  
  • Spondylitis etc.
 A specific treatment that acts on all the signs of skin ageing. A very complete appliance that enables you to perform a number of different treatments: -
•    You and your clients will notice the results very quickly. Results are already evident after the first treatment session, and normally 10 to 12 further sessions are usually sufficient to obtain long-lasting results. 
However, the PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS that clients gain from the lifting treatment are just as important as these physiological effects. The technique is capable of inducing a high degree of relaxation and well-being.Lifting is therefore indicated for persons who are under a great deal of stress, nervousness and anxiety, and also for those who are apprehensive about machines and apparatuses.
An electric current flows through the body as the movement of ions. It can flow easily only if the ions can migrate freely. In the body this migration will most likely involve the ions passing from cell to cell through cell membranes, and this is difficult. In the stratum corneum of the epidermis there are the added difficulties of low water content and a substantial fatty content. The resistance of skin to direct current is therefore high.
When a current first starts to flow, the ions will not encounter such barriers as cell membranes immediately, so initially the resistance is quite low but soon rises to its high level. The impedance to alternating current is less because the ions are made to vibrate back and forth and not flow continuously in the same direction. They do not have to pass through cell membranes.

The higher the frequency the less will be the physical movement of the ions in each direction, and so the lower the impedance. At very high frequencies, it will be only the electrons in the ions, which will vibrate and not the ions themselves. The impedance is even lower.
Face Lift is a portable skin-care unit for your home with full-function digital display, digital timer and digital power switch.

Technical Specification

Voltage: A/C 220-Volt 50Hz.
Absorbed Power: 20 VA
Frequency: 2 khz. 
Complies With: IEC601-1 Classification
Safety Class: I
Operating Temp.: 10° - 50°
Storage Temp.: -10° - 70°
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ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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