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Galvanic_high frequence


Standard Accessories Galvanic
. Roller electrode
. Neutral electrode
. Tweezer electrode

Standard Accessories High Frequency
. Pencil electrode
. Neck electrode
. Mushroom electrode
. Pointed electrode
. Ball electrode
Shock Proof High Frequency Handle



An appliance as effective as it is essential.
A basic unit combining the prime components for performing basic electro- cosmetic facial or body treatments, dermatology and hair treatments.

This neat attractive unit is designed for deep cleaning of skin. The polarity change over switch on the front is to set either positive or negative pulses according to the treatment being given.

The GHF-DX 07 offers a number of electrodes, thereby increasing its potential applications and permitting any facial, hair or body treatment requiring the use of high-frequency & galvanic current. Its effects are multiple and highly positive for the skin:
  • Its decongestant effect makes it suitable for treating irritated, clogged, reactive
  • skins and for post-depilation treatments.
  • Its disinfectant, hyperemic effect makes it recommended for use in hair treatments and for oily and/or     acne-prone skins.
  • Its toning and stimulating effect makes it suitable for limp, lifeless skins and for complementing a  firming massage.
Mode of Action And Treatments
Two basic treatments to care for and improve the complexion.
GHF-DX 07 and Micro-GHF-DX 07 current  Permitting GHF-DX 07 to help ionic treatment products penetrate the skin, and decrustation treatments for oily or acne-prone skins.

Technical Specification

Model no.: GHF-Dx 07
Weight: 2.3 kg
Height: 5"
Width: 10.5"
Depth: 7.5"
Complies With : IEC 601-1 Classification
Safety Class :  I
Type  :       
Operating Temp: 10° - 50°
Storage Temp.: -10° - 70°

Voltage: A/C 220-Volts 50 Hz.
Absorbed power: 50 Va
Output Current: 1 ma to 75 MA

High Frequency
Voltage: A/C 220-Volts 50Hz.
Absorbed Power: 30 VA
Max Output Power: 40 KV


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