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Galvanic Accessories


Standard Accessories
. Roller Electrode
. Neutral Electrode
. Tweezers Electrode


Iontophoresis Unit

A basic unit combining the prime components for performing basic electro-cosmetic facial therapy: micro-galvanic current. Iono-Wave is designed for deep cleansing of the skin. The polarity changer switch in front of the unit is to set either positive or negative pulses, depending upon the treatment to be given. Through body galvanism is the use of the movement of ions to stimulate the metabolism in the tissues. This movement of ions ‘strip up’ the cells contents and assists the passage of substances in and out of cells through cell membranes. Stimulating the metabolism gives a ‘feeling of well-being’ in the treatment area.

For galvanic therapy, a smooth direct current is required. It must flow smoothly without interruption, pulses or ripples, which would probably stimulate the ‘motor points’ of muscles and cause them to twitch or contract. The direct current from a battery would be ideal.

However, because the stratum corneum, the horny layer of epidermis, has a low water content and is with a layer of greasy sebum, it has a high resistance, so a fairy high voltage is necessary to pass sufficient current through it. Once through the stratum corneum, the current flows quite easily in the body.

Helps in following treatments

  • treats irritated and blocked skin
  • treatment of acne etc.
  • aids in firming massage treatments

Mode of Action And Treatments

Two basic treatments to care for and improve the complexion. Galvanic and Micro-galvanic current – Permitting Iono-Wave to help ionic treatment products penetrate the skin, and decrustation treatments for oily or acne-prone skins. 

Technical Specification

Product Name : GALVANIC
Voltage : A/C 220-Volts 50 Hz.
Absorbed Power :50 VA
Output Current : 1 ma to 75 MA
Complies With : IEC601-1 Classification
Safety Class :  I
Type  :       
Operating Temp.: 10° - 50°
Storage Temp.: -10° - 70° 


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