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Standard Accessories
. Pencil Electrode
. Neck Electrode
. Mushroom Electrode
. Pointed Electrode
Ball Electrode
. Shock Proof High Frequency Handle




High Frequency Unit 

High-Frequency unit has a cleansing and calming effect and is highly effective in all kinds of facial treatments. It works by disinfecting the skin and increasing the blood flow.

A high-frequency current is basically a very rapidly alternating current. High frequency passes through the body very easily, remember high frequency means low impedance. This also means that it passes easily through all kinds of other substance, which are normally electrical insulators, and at high voltages the current is very difficult to contain. Hence the ease with, which it can stray and give those little electric shocks.

Helps in following treatments

  • Treats irritated and blocked skin
  • Treatment of acne etc. 
  • Aids in firming massage treatments
  • An essential extra in the salon 
  • A High-Frequency unit, which facilitates the application of all kinds of cosmetic facial or body treatments, dermatology and hair treatments. 

Mode of Action And Treatments

The High Frequency offers a number of electrodes, thereby increasing its potential applications and permitting any facial, hair or body treatment requiring the use of high-frequency current. Its effects are multiple and highly positive for the skin: 
Its decongestant effect makes it suitable for treating irritated, clogged, reactive skins and for post-depilation treatments.
Its disinfectant, hyperemic effect makes it recommended for use in hair treatments and for oily and/or acne-prone skins.
Its toning and stimulating effect makes it suitable for limp, lifeless skins and for complementing a firming massage..

Technical Specification

Product name : High Frequency
Absorbed power:30 VAMaxoutput power:40KVcomplies with:IEC601-1classificationVoltage : A/C 220-Volts 50Hz.
Safty class:I
type:Operating temp :10° - 50°
Storage temp : -10° - 70
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