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MULTIGYM PRO-12 is fully digital with 12 preset programme complete electro therapy unit for body care. The therapist may use the different currents programmes. The appliance inculdes all the elements necessary to ensure that its programming and operation are quick and easy to usemaster key for simultaneous output regulation device.
MULTIGYM PRO-12 is the most complete, most versatile unit for cosmetic body treatments including obesity, cellulite, refirming, body contouring, circulatory disorders, fatty deposits and other conditions involving aesthetics. It is also very simple to operate.

Results and Benefits

  • Reduced percentage of body fat
  • Improved skin tone
  • Elimination of fatty deposits
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Elimination of flaccidity
  • Marked reshaping of the body
  • Drainage and elimination of retained fluid
  • Improved symptoms of circulatory disorders
  • Elimination of muscle contractures
  • Relief of chronic muscle and joint pain
  • Wrinkles  
  • Stretch marks  
  • Lifeless skin
  • Alleviation of neurological pain such as lower back pain, neuralgia, etc.


GYM PRO-IV the most important body treatment techniques combined in a light weight, portable appliance with all the necessary features to cater for slimming, refirming and anti-cellulite
treatments and, in general, any other body beauty treatment.


The action of DIGI THERME is based on the application of infrared radiation bands whose wavelength has been selected to guarantee its penetration of and deep-down action in the tissues. DIGI THERME a deep thermal therapy, unit that operators on the basis of short wave infrared relation. It also has an  antithyiamnatory and relaxing effect. And the thermal lipolytic effect and stimulation of the circulation, it is indicated in treatment for obesity, accumulation of localized fat and cellulite, as it stimulates sweating. It enhances the effects of general detoxification treatments and is a good complement to seaweed, mud and parafango treatments.


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