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Standard Accessories
. Ultrasonic Transducer Probe


Ultrasonic Skincare Unit

A professional unit with full-function digital display with digital timer  micro processor control for various skin treatment, the benefits of the thermal effect of capacitive diathermy can be applied to the treatments of deep and localized thermotherapy. It is used in beauty and cosmetic treatments, rheumatology, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Helps in following treatments
  • Penetration of medicines to the desired level of the skin without heat.
  • Keeping the skin healthy, glowing and young.
Results And Benefits
The deep-down thermal effect is the basis of all the benefits of this treatment: 
  • Stimulation of the blood circulation.
  • Trophic and revitalizing effect on the tissues treated.
  • Improved deep hydration and skin quality
  • Improved cutaneous permeability and penetration of treatment products. 
  • Alleviation or elimination of pain due to neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, etc.
  • Relaxing of muscle contractures
Mode Of Action And Treatments  
The Ultrasonic is micro-processor controlled, which means the reliability of its treatment parameters is guaranteed. Its operation has been simplified to ensure safe, fast and easy programming and application. The benefits it provides justify its use in numerous applications: 
  • Cosmetic conditions: due to its trophic effect, wrinkles, stretch marks, flaccidity, acne at the scarring stage, cellulite. Localized oedema, puffy eyes, etc. 
  • For stimulating the blood circulation.
  • For improving transepidermal penetration of cosmetic or treatment products. 
  • Painful neurological syndromes: neuritis, neuralgia, etc. 
  • Back conditions: neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain and sciatica. 
  • Rheumatic joint disease. 
  • Sub-acute or chronic sprains and distended ligaments. 
  • Muscle contractures, torticollis, etc. 
  • Retractions and fibrotic processes.
  • Sequelae from contusions and torn muscles.

Technical Details

Max. Output Power: 10-Watt 
Pulse: 15-Watt
Continouos: 10-Watt
Probe Frequency: 1 MHz
Effective Area of Active Trasmitter: Watt/cm2
Complies With: IEC601-1 Classification
Safety Class: I
Operating Temp.: 10° - 50°
Storage Temp.: -10° - 70°

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ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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